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  • How accurate is it?

    The Track Attack app has been tested against a number of GPS based lap timers, and has proven to be as accurate as the highest end models. This type of technology is what the professionals rely on, but there's no need to spend thousands on dedicated hardware. Just like with all GPS lap timers, you will not see exact same times when compared with official transponder based timers but they will be within thousands of a second.

  • Does Track Attack work with external GPS adapters?

    No. Though Track Attack doesn't need them, we know many of you have them for a variety of reasons and we'll be looking to provide support in the future.

  • Does Track Attack work with adapters that connect to the car's ECU?

    Those are cool! Unfortunately we don't support them right now but you must have read our personal diary.

  • Why doesn't my video show up when I post to Facebook?

    We're finishing up the Track Attack cloud service and section of the website that will allow you to have unlimited and video data storage.

    To take advantage of the site, make sure you've first uploaded your video to the Track Attack cloud service through the Upload Data screen. Once you've uploaded successfully, it takes our servers up to a few hours to process and encode all your video into individual laps (just like YouTube).

    Once the site is up, the Facebook posts you create will automatically link to your sessions and individual lap videos retroactively.

  • When will the app be available for Windows Phone & Android?

    Our app elves are hard at work, we hope very soon.

  • Is the app localized for any other languages?

    Not yet, but we're dreaming big!

  • Where do I download track maps?

    You don't have to! Our database is made up of the top 350+ tracks in the world and the app automatically detects which track you're likely at. If you are at a new track or you just want to create a new one, you can do that too!

  • Can I export the video without data overlay from my phone? I want to get crazy with video editing!

    Not yet, but we have that in our plans as a new feature in one of our upcoming updates.