The App

Track Attack is a fully integrated GPS lap timer, allowing you to easily record, upload and share session video and data right from your phone.

Record, view, store, and share — all from one app.

Track Attack


No extra cameras or GPS accessories required. Just hit start and the app will do the rest for you, auto-detecting your track and lap, and recording HD video and advanced data for each session.


Review your lap times and play back your completely integrated videos as soon as you get off the track.


Upload your synchronized video and data to our cloud services for free, so you can play them back on your phone or from your PC without having to worry about storage.


With just 1 tap, you can share your fastest lap directly with friends and family on Facebook.

Why Track Attack is the only choice

Track Attack — Lap Timer

GPS-Based Lap Timer

  • Fully integrated GPS-based lap timer, capturing top, average &low speeds, acceleration/deceleration and location on the track map.
  • Timing accuracy benchmarked against motorsports grade GPS lap timers from AiM and Traqmate.
  • Automatically detects a lap and breaks out video so you can compare lap to lap. Works on any lap-based race track (e.g. road racing, rally cross, oval racing) and point-to-point based sessions (e.g. rally stage, drag racing, hill climbs and auto-x).
  • Can toggle video on and off, so it can function as just a lap timer if desired.
Track Attack — Playback Video Instant Playback

Synchronized Timers

  • Record HD quality footage of your race and directly share with friends on Facebook.

Instant Playback

  • View your session or an individual lap immediately with video and data synchronized.

Track Database

  • Quickly get started using our 500+ predefined tracks from around the world.
  • Or easily create and name your own track before or after you start a new session, which will be stored and accessible to the community for the future.

Free Storage

  • Store all of your video, data & user info on the Track Attack site for no additional cost.

1-click share to Facebook

  • Share your fastest lap time and video through our built-in Facebook sharing.

Available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Track Attack — Home Screen
Track Attack — Session History
Track Attack — Car Profile
Track Attack — Record, View, Share
Track Attack — Share Session History

Most Common Uses of Track Attack

  • Getting Started Guide

    A quick tour on how to get started

  • How to Record a Lap Based Session

    3 touches of the screen and you're ready to go!

  • How to Record a Point-to-Point Based Session

    For Auto-cross, rally stages, drag racing, hill climb and air strip attacks

  • How to Share Online

    Easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • How to Create Tracks

    For Lap-Based and Point-to-Point Based Sessions

Securely mount your phone

  • Car Mounts

    Track Attack — Mounting Example mounting example

    Anything you can find at Best Buy will technically get the job done but our favorites are the mounting bases, arms and phone specific holders made by Ram Mounts.

    A newer (at least to us) company is Slip Grip, who makes phone specific phone holders which work directly with Ram Mount bases and arms. These have been great, especially for non-iPhone owners. Check them out here.

  • Mounting Tips

    Everone has a different preference on where to mount the phone but most users mount it on the windshield, facing directly in front of the car. For this scenario, the best location is between 4-6 inches below your rear-view mirror. This allows the app to be easily visible as your lap timer when you are on track, allows you to quickly glance your rear-view mirror to check for traffic and grabs the closest view of the driver's position if you decide to use the front camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Phone?

    Lots of phones will work with Track Attack. All you need is a smartphone that has a GPS sensor, accelerometer, camera and large enough hard drive (or expandable memory slot). Since Track Attack is an intense application that utilizes the more advance features and hardware of a smartphone, we suggest you use at least a mid-tier smartphone like the iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy S3 or Nokia Lumia 720. For the ultimate experience, use the best possible phone available like iPhone 5s, Nokia 920/1020/1520 or Samsung Galaxy S4/S5. The newer and more high-end the phone, the better quality of GPS and video data.

  • Mounting Tips

    The best location is between 4-6 inches below your rear-view mirror. This allows the app to be easily visible as your lap timer when you are on track and grabs the closest view of the driver's position.